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Electric Quads, Made for Agriculture.

Our robust Electric ATVs have the Power, Durability and impressive Tow Capacity to be the perfect utility vehicle for everyday working life on the farm.
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Modern Mobility,
Made for Agriculture.

Electric ATVs are the perfect vehicle for getting around the farm.
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Traverse your land With Ease

Agricultural quad bikes are often seen on farms, yards and large estates, and they are, without a doubt, the easiest way to travel across vast expanses of land. However, standard agricultural quad bikes are loud, dirty, costly and harmful to the environment.
Our electric agricultural quads offer all the power and durability you’d expect from a petrol counterpart, only they’re silent, cheap and relatively maintenance-free, which means you can be sure they’ll never let you down, whatever you choose to use them for.

Perfect for Agriculture
Economical & Ecological

Easy to Maintain
Electric Quads are very simple to maintain, with only 3 major components you have to monitor - the battery, controller and motor.
Low Running Costs
The cost to charge the quad is significantly less than the cost of constant refuelling - its also less messy and kinder to the environment and livestock.
Excellent Tow Capacity
Our electric quads are capable of towing weights up to 1 ton. They are the perfect utility vehicle for pulling around a small trailer.

Performance and Reliability

Our Electric Quads are designed with power and durability in mind to handle anything you might throw at them.

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60v High Capacity Batteries

Long life lead acid batteries for a long continuous running time between charges (up to 50km for a single charge). Allowing a top speed up to 55km/h and practically silent riding.
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Hydraulic Brakes & LCD Display

Built in LCD showing speed, battery level, distance, FWD/REV engaged. Bright LED front, rear and indicator lights, which only use a small fraction of energy. Hydraulic disc brakes for maximum safety and efficiency. 
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Direct Drive Rear Differential

60v brushless motor with up to 3000w of power for those tough terrains. Includes a fitted tow ball with a towing capacity of up to 500kg, 2WD & 4WD options available.
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Eco Rider Explorer

Our Models

Explorer,Adult Electric Quad Bike
Explorer 60v 2100w Electric Quad Bike
(34 customer reviews)

£ 1,999.95 Price incl. VAT

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Explorer GT 60v 3000w Electric Quad Bike
(10 customer reviews)

£ 4,999.95 Price incl. VAT

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Explorer GTS
Explorer GTS 60v 5000w Electric Quad Bike
(1 customer review)

£ 7,499.95 Price incl. VAT

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For more information or advice on which electric ATV or ride-on would be perfect for you, whether you are looking for a quad bike for work or for the thrill of adventure, our team will be happy to help.
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