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Eco Rider products are not road legal unless stated otherwise. Under no circumstances should our products be used on any public roads. The purchaser is solely responsible for adhering to all government laws that are in force. It is advised not to use the bike on wet, oily or icy surfaces as this can result in damage or injury. Eco Rider cannot be held responsible for any damages or injuries in these conditions. Eco Rider products are designed for both adults and children aged 14+. Children should be supervised always by a responsible adult and be wearing the correct protective head and body gear.

Purchaser accepts full responsibility and releases Eco Rider of ALL personal injuries, fatal injuries, theft, costs, damages or nuisances incurred because of the Purchaser’s operation of this product. The purchaser is solely responsible for the maintenance and safety of the bike and when permitting other riders to ride this item, assumes all responsibility in event of damages, injuries or fatal injuries etc… Purchaser is solely responsible for understanding and abiding by all governmental/ police laws for operation of this product.