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About Us

Learn More About Our Journey

From Kids Quads To Eco-Rider

Eco Rider is a family business that we started after our first business, Kids Quads, became a national success. Kids Quads began when we were trying to find a quad bike for our son because he’d seen one and wouldn’t stop asking. He’s a great kid, always helping in any way he can, so we wanted to treat him. But we were put off because the quad bikes we saw were noisy, dirty, expensive and we could imagine him spilling petrol everywhere trying to fuel it up.

Discovering Electric Quads

Then we heard about electric quad bikes, which had all the positives with none of the negatives! But the options on the market still didn’t seem good enough, so we got in touch with some manufacturers, made some adjustments, and came out with our own range of top quality electric quad bikes. We built into each kids model a speed limiter only parents could change and ensured we kept adding the little extra features that make our products the best on the market, as we expanded into other ride-on vehicles like go-karts and scooters.

Eco Rider came after we knew kids quads inside out and decided to turn our same quality-over-quantity mindset onto adult quad bikes. We knew electric quad bikes and ride-on vehicles were way more ECOnomical and ECO-friendly, so we decided to name this business ECO Rider. We are proud to offer products that save you money and save the planet.

Thanks on behalf of the whole family for reading our story, we hope your family enjoys our vehicles as much as we do.