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June 24, 2022

5 Reasons To Buy An Electric Quad Bike

There are many reasons to buy an electric quad bike, some of which are more obvious than others.

There are clear benefits to electric vehicle ownership that we all know by now. Here we’ve covered five reasons, including some you may not have considered, that we think represent the best argument to upgrade to an EV today.

Quad bikes are an incredibly popular means of transport in all manner of sectors from home use, entertainment use and use in industry and agriculture. The most common quad bikes are petrol-or-diesel-powered machines. Whilst these will do the job they could be slipping behind the curve as technology has improved.  Much like the automotive industry, quad bikes powered by electricity are becoming increasingly popular and will eventually become the standard.

1 – They Are Reliable And Safe

One electric quad bike benefit that may be the most important factor in convincing people to ditch their gas-guzzling machines is how reliable and safe they are. With a motor powered by petrol or diesel you can often find more problems in terms of how they operate. However, with an electric motor you will find that they are incredibly reliable and will never let you down. As well as this they are also incredibly safe. Our range of electric quad bikes include models that have excellent safety features such as hydraulic brakes, spring suspension and high-strength chassis’.

2 – They Reduce Noise And Air Pollution

Much in the same way as an electric car, a major reason to buy an electric quad bike is just how clean and safe they are for the environment. It is a widely accepted fact that burning petrol or diesel to produce power in a motor or engine produces harmful gases and toxins that are bad for the environment. For cars, the government has said that in 2030 there will be a ban on all petrol and diesel vehicles in order to reduce carbon emissions. This may also eventually become the case for alternative transport methods, including quad bikes. Getting ahead of the curve and purchasing equipment before everyone else is another reason to buy an electric quad bike.

3 – They Are Powerful And Responsive

A common misconception around electric quad bikes is that they do not produce the same amount of power or are not as responsive as petrol or diesel power. This however is absolutely not the case. For example, with our Explorer S model, you can reach speeds of up to 34 miles per hour which is just as fast as most petrol-powered machines. What you do receive with an electric quad bike however that you will not with a fuel-consuming model is incredible responsiveness to acceleration. As there is no need for fuel injection you will get the power that you need instantly, accelerating you to high speeds quickly. 

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4 – They Are Perfect For All Ages

The electric quad bikes that we provide here at Eco Rider are of all different shapes and sizes. Because of this, they are ideal for a wide variety of different age groups. We have quad bikes that are ideal for adults and quad bikes for children. This is an electric quad bike benefit as it will allow people of all ages to embrace the technology of the future, not just adults. Adult quad bikes are generally more powerful and are designed for both personal and commercial use, whereas kids quads are a great choice for beginners aged between four and eight years old. 

5 – They Are Cost-Effective

In comparison to petrol models, one of the major reasons to buy an electric quad bike is down to cost. When you run a quad bike that uses petrol or diesel you will find that you are constantly having to spend copious amounts of money in order to keep refuelling. With an electric quad, you simply need to plug in your charger and away you go, no need to spend money on fuel. This running cost is considerably cheaper over the lifetime of an electric quad when compared to a fuel-based bike, making it a major electric quad bike benefit.

If you would like to ask any questions regarding our range of electric quad bikes, or if you would like to learn more about any of the reasons to buy an electric quad bike that we have outlined, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team today.

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