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January 24, 2023

5 Tips To Help You Find The Best Electric Quad Bike

5 tips to allow you to find the right quad to meet all of your requirements.

Finding the best electric quad bike is not a simple task with the amount of options out there.

The research process can take time as there are a lot of features to consider when buying an e-quad. Whether you are looking to purchase a quad for work purposes or for recreational use, there will be different aspects that you will require. To help you to find the perfect electric quad, we have put together 5 tips to allow you to find the right quad to meet all of your requirements.

Picking The Ideal Type

Depending on what you intend to use your electric quad for there are different options available that will be better suited for the activities you intend to use your quad for. For example, if you are just looking for a quad to use for mobility reasons you will not require a quad with a high amount of power. Whereas those that are purchasing a quad bike for thrill-seeking purposes will prefer a ride-on with more power so you can whizz about at higher speeds.

Getting The Size Right

Finding the right size is an important part of identifying the best electric quad bike. If you are buying for a child you may find it tempting to purchase the bike that will last the longest and the one which your child can grow into, however, safety should be your first priority. In regards to the dimensions of an electric quad, when sat on the quad, children should be able to reach the foot pegs comfortably with a good bend in their knees. So, choosing a bike that is comfortable and safe is the way to go here.

Weight is another key factor in choosing the right size, as the rider should be under the particular quad bike’s weight limit. If your weight is heavier than the limit this will affect both the performance and balance of the bike. On the flip side, if a rider is too light the opposite effect will take place as they may have difficulty controlling the quad. You should also remember that although electric quads have a large seating area, they are designed to hold one rider. Excess weight can lead to damage and can weaken the functionality of your e-quad.

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Finding The Right Amount Of Power

When it comes to vehicles, we can become obsessed with purchasing the most powerful option as we want to travel at higher speeds. However, some of us can get carried away with having all of the power, so you should consider your skill level here. So, if you are an experienced rider or you are looking to purchase a quad for thrill-seeking purposes a more powerful quad bike will be the right choice for you. For adults, the Explorer GT model and the Explorer S model will be more suitable as they are equipped with a 3000-watt motor which will allow you to reach higher speeds of 55km/h. We also offer a less powerful bike in our Explorer model which is fitted with a 2100w motor but is still capable of reaching up to 45km/h. So, whether you are looking to ride about high top speeds or just using the bike for mobility reasons we have a quad bike to meet your requirements.

For children aged 4-9 years, all of our quads have a top speed of 35km/h and feature a 3-speed dial so you can limit the speed of your child’s bike until you are confident that they can drive at higher speeds. For older children, we offer our Shredder model as a more powerful option which allows riders to get up to a top speed of 40km/h with the help of 1600w motor. If you are looking for something less powerful for children aged 8-15, our Giro model has an 800w motor which is capable of a top speed of 25km/h. Our 8-15 year old featured quads come with speed adjustment as well so you can ensure that your child drives safely.

Terrain Suitability

Electric quads are suitable for many different terrains but depending on the size of the motor, you may not have enough power to ride on rougher terrains. For children and beginners, the less powerful models are better suited for riding on terrains such as concrete, tarmac and gentle off-road terrains, such as relatively flat grass or gravel. As power is lower on beginners quad bikes, these models will struggle to perform on the roughest of terrains, as they are designed for gentler tracks.

However, with our more powerful models of 2100w and above for adults and teenagers, you will have much more power which will allow you to tackle more difficult terrains. Although this is the case you must build up your experience on an electric quad bike before you attempt to ride on tougher terrains which require more power. This way you will become more comfortable at controlling your quad at higher speeds and on challenging surfaces.

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Take A Test Drive

Once you think you have found the right model for yourself or the rider, we highly recommend that you arrange a test drive with us so you can see how the quad works before you purchase it. Trying out the electric quad for yourself allows you to put aspects like the spec, research and reviews aside, as you can see if the electric quad is right for you. This is the best way to have all of your questions answered about the quad bike. By having a test drive, you will be able to ensure that you have found the best electric quad in regards to functionality, performance and quality. If you have the right model and wish to try before you buy, get in touch with us for more information.

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