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Why Choose Electric?

Just Seven Reasons Why Electric is Best

Money-Back Guarantee

If you buy anything from us and for whatever reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, then we will return every penny of your refund – no questions asked.

Each part on the rideon comes with a 6-month warranty, with lifetime support from people who are working with these machines’ day-in, day-out.


Each of our electric rideons comes with a three-speed adjustable safety dial, to ensure that your child is riding well within their capabilities at a speed that you, as a parent, are comfortable with.

Not only this but because each of our rideons runs on an electric battery, meaning there is no petrol engine with potentially dangerous moving parts, which could pose a danger to you, as the rider and those around you.


The trouble with petrol quads and rideons is the fact that the engines are incredibly noisy. Our range of electric rideons is virtually silent.

This is not only great for the neighbours when the kids are playing in the garden, but they are also ideal for working in an agricultural or equestrian setting when working with easily spooked horses and livestock.


Petrol quads require a large, thirsty engine to operate. Our rideons are much more economical and in some cases work out ten times cheaper than petrol counterparts.

Petrol costs can often be quite significant, particularly for working vehicles, which means that such a considerable saving can be moved to other parts of your operation.


While it’s true to say that electric rideons still require maintenance and the occasional part replacement, the frequency and cost are nothing compared to petrol models.

Petrol engines are made up of numerous moving parts, which means should even the smallest component malfunction could be quite costly to repair.


As the world has grown more conscious of the ever-increasing emissions we’re producing, attention has turned to alternative fuels and vehicles.

Unlike dirty, emission producing petrol rideons, our products are designed to provide absolutely no emissions, zero pollution and therefore no harm to the environment.

Warranty and Support

At Eco-Rider, our service doesn’t just stop when your rideon arrives at your front door; we have a large selection of spare parts and accessories.

We know that an electric rideon isn’t a small purchase, which is why we’re committed to ensuring that you can enjoy your purchase for many years to come.