Explorer GT Adult Quad Bike

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The EXPLORER GT Electric Quad Bike takes quad power onto the next level. Its 4 Wheel Direct Drive is capable of huge power and torque to tow heavy loads and drive across the most difficult of terrains. This combination along with a 60v 50aH battery pack, gives extremely long battery life at big speeds, or use the 2WD to save battery life. A virtually silent riding is an ideal way of getting around without the concern of upsetting neighbours, passers-by or livestock.





3 reviews for Explorer GT Adult Quad Bike

  1. Christopher Crow

    I’ve never bought a bike online before without seeing it first, so i was a little nervous about being taken for a ride. Especially as the quad was so cheap compared with UK made electric ones which are three times the price, but all my fears were unfounded. It turned up a couple of day’s later than I expected. But as soon as I had unpacked and taken it for a quick spin I was happy. The next day I put it to a real test, rode down the stream and then towed about half a ton of oak up a muddy slope with no problem. I then gave it the ultimate test which both my Yamaha Grizzly and my Suzuki King Quad had struggled with. Towing a trailer loaded with 50 lengths of 47mm x 47mm x 3.6m timber from the bottom field up to the house. No idea what the weight is, but it made it, just! Down to walking speed at the steepest bit. Very pleased. Only whinge was that some of the nuts were loose, the rear reflector and the tow ball, losts both nuts and washers. so I checked all of the nuts to make sure.

  2. Philip Beauvais

    I would echo Steve review in every point though I did not have a problem with the ignition!
    My comments might encourage those thinking of using this for farming rather than recreational purpose.
    I run a smallholding on Exmoor, on slopes. In the last 2-3 weeks I have used it successfully for fencing, touring fields for endless fencing jobs, and moving cattle. You won’t get excited by the speed, that’s a given! But it’s doing the work I expected it to do so far, towing a small road trailer which takes my tools. It is easy to look after, and to customise. For example I extended the mudguards to cover the wheels, as I got thoroughly plastered on the first day (it wasn’t just mud…!). I used lightweight lorry curtain material which could be easily fixed using the existing nuts on the token-guards and added a couple of boxes on the racks for bits and pieces: I keep extra weight to a minimum. Switching to 4WD seems to give it a little more ooomfph when going up hill. Very safe to take a child in front of you as there is plenty of room on the saddle. I ensure my 4-year old wears a helmet because of the mirror stems if you have to brake suddenly. Very content with my purchase and the service offered by Steve!

  3. Gary Bennett

    I opted for an electric quad based on ecology, low/no noise and not having to store fuel. This quad ticks all three boxes.

    The final delivery to me was delayed by shipping conditions completely outside of Eco-Rider’s control though Steve kept me informed of what was going on at all times. When the quad actually arrived, I was given a thorough run through of operation of the quad and all the do’s and don’ts by the guy delivering the quad who knew exactly what he was talking about, not just a delivery and ‘here you go, bye’.

    I had a minor issue with the tow hitch vibrating loose during use which I resolved by retightening, drilling and fitting a split pin so that if it did vibrate loose again I wouldn’t lose the tow hitch nut and washer in the long grass. I also had a problem with the ignition switch and after speaking with Steve a replacement arrived next day which was great customer service.

    Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Explorer GT Adult Quad and incredibly pleased that I made the purchase. I strongly recommend the Explorer GT Adult Quad and Eco-Rider as the place to go for a great range of products and fantastic customer service.

    5 stars to Steve (Eco-Rider) for the product and customer service.

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DC 60V 2000W BRUSHLESS motor (Equivalent 3000w) (HUGE torque +++ – ideal for slopes and rough terrain)

Rechargeable 60V 50Ah (5 x 12v in casing)

Max Speed
Maximum speed: 50 km / h

Parent Control
Parental Control Limited Speed ( electronically limited 3 position by extracting key): 20 km/h, 35 km/h and full (50 km/h)

Fairing and moulded footrests: helps prevent contact with moving parts

Impressive torque resulting from the power of the 2 x DC BRUSHLESS Motor 3000W (equivalent)

Battery Life
Battery life between charges 40-50 km approx. (depending on field conditions, weight and flexibility of control) and at low speed

Recharging time empty batteries 8-10 hours (Includes the Charger to connects directly into the quad or into the battery)

Rubber off-road tyres (Size: Rim 10″ / Tyre 22″) larger tyres giving a greater ground clearance for rougher terrain

FWD / REV by electrical switch

Direct Drive transmission with front & rear differential

Tow ball fitted for trailer use

Counter digital backlit night shift – Multiple Displays (speed, kms, battery level …)

Headlights, Spotlights, Rear light / Brake light, Front/Rear Indicators

Horn switch on the handlebars

Accelerator handle – new generation flexible and robust

Spring Suspensions – front (2) Rear (1)

Hydraulic Brake discs – Front (2) rear (2)

Total Weight 245 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1820 mm x 1100 mm x 1100 mm

Max Rider Weight
Maximum rider weight – 150kg (approx 22 stone)