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Electric quad bikes for dads

Quads for Dads

Perfect for Spending Time with Kids or Making the Most of Thrilling Adventures.

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Unleash Your Inner Child

As often as we have a customer asking for a kid’s quad, we have a dad asking for one of his own. Our specialised range of quads for dad is absolutely perfect for a father looking to make the most of the time with his kids or simply to blow off steam from a hard day with a thrilling zip through the countryside.

Despite what you may think, electric quads have many key benefits over petrol counterparts, and the powerful electric battery is just as capable of delivering action-packed escapades as petrol models – so you don’t need to compromise on high-speed thrills.

In addition to this, our electric quads are far safer, cleaner, quieter and kinder to the environment, so all you need to worry about is making the most of your purchase.

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